About me

A Few Words About Me

Hi! I'm Sergey Raevsky and I'm a freelancer from Ukraine. On "About Me" page all freelancers write about their skills and how many years of experience they have. I think you'll get bored looking at success counts and skill charts.

Let me instead talk about what I can do for you and how I can help you sell your products and services better. Yes, by the way, I apologize in advance for my less than perfect English. I'm not a philologist, but just usual webmaster 🙂


About me

Web designer

What is the hardest thing about web design? Probably to write a clever text about yourself and your services. Especially when there are a lot of urgent orders. So I will leave this text here for now, and in the near future I will write about who I am, what I do and exactly how I can help you improve the sales of your products and services.


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